Jumat, 15 April 2011


Every day, when we wake up, we pray, "Praise be to Thee, O God who have turned on after I shut down. And, in whom we shall return."

Today we die, we live today. waking the prayers that have a very terrible power. So, we can also born again, if we have the willingness to find our true self.

We are the most important person in this world. because, we are created by Allah SWT. as the caliph in the world. However, many of us have not found the facts about ourselves.

In general, we spend the days in the world without ever knowing who we really are as caliph.

Man is the product of most extraordinary creator, which brings us into the world to live a successful life. We were created for success. We are equipped to extraordinary possibilities that are not found in other natural products.

Success is our birthright. only a few people who had the rights embodied in the life prestatif. During this time, we only use the potential of about 3-10%, we failed to find our true self.

If we had discovered this fact, we are no longer satisfied with just ride through the stormy sea of ​​life that is pleasing. Instead, we will continue to seek and find success, happiness, inner peace for yourself and others. What did you think??

Source : My Motivation

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