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How To Make Your Child Like To Eat Vegetables

How To Make Your Child Like To Eat Vegetables - Vegetables are a source of nutrition for health. Not only for adults, vegetables are also very important to be consumed by children because it can help the process of growth. But unfortunately, many children do not like to eat vegetables. Many of them are more like junk food. This of course is not good for child who is still in growth phase. Junk food contains too much fat, too much salt, and has little fiber. As we know, the fiber is very important for health. Besides containing many vitamins and nutrients, fiber contained in vegetables also can prevent gastrointestinal diseases such as constipation, etc..

How to make your child like to eat vegetables? Here are some tips that you can do if your child is hard to eat vegetables:

1. Usually, young children have a habit to imitate the action what others are doing. This can be utilized to teach your kids to eat vegetables. Try to place the vegetables on your plate, then eat these vegetables. Usually children will imitate their parents.

2. Introduce vegetables and health benefits of it to your child. You can do this in various ways, for example by saying "See, Popeye became strong by eating spinach" or "Bugs Bunny can run fast by eating carrots."

3. To increase your child's appetite, make a vegetable that is served looks more attractive. You can present the vegetables with a variety of shapes and colors. For example, by forming vegetables into a car shape, face, mountain, tree, etc..

4. You can hide the vegetables in your child's food or drink. For example, you can hide pieces of carrot in salad or sandwitch. In addition, you can also add small pieces of vegetables in milkshake, ice cream or youghurt.

5. Bring your child to participate in preparing food. You can let your child choose their own vegetables which would he eat, help you wash the vegetables, etc.. By doing this activity your child will feel happy.

To avoid boredom, you can give fruit to your child. It can meet the needs of vitamins and nutrients of your child. But you still have to provide vegetables to your child. Do not force your child to eat vegetables. When forced, your child will feel uncomfortable atmosphere and ultimately will not eat at all. Remember, be creative parents! How To Make Your Child Like To Eat Vegetables

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